Ten Things

Ten Things You Should Know about your Oral Health

 Presented at the WBN Breakfast this morning

10.) Power toothbrushes really are recommended and the best for your gums and teeth if used correctly.

9.) February is American Heart Month.  Women often have heart attack symptoms different than men: if you have an intense, lasting jaw pain, this could be a heart attack. Call your doctor or go to your nearest Emergency Room

8.) Having periodontal disease may make it harder to keep your insulin levels in check if you have diabetes.

7.) Do you wake up with headaches and aching necks? You may be grinding your teeth during your sleep.

6.) Oral Cancerrates are on the rise. Many people are being diagnosed with oral cancer, even those who have no risk factors such as smoking or use of tobacco or alcohol. Studies linking the Sexually Transmitted Disease, HPV, and Oral cancer are being performed to see if HPV is a cause of rising oral cancer rates among 18 – 24 year olds.

5.) Replacing missing teeth with dental implants or dentures is not just a matter of looking good.  When a large space exists between teeth, surrounding teeth may start to crowd or elongate. Lack of teeth affects speech, and eating – makes getting the proper nutrition harder.

4.) Technology is changing in dentistry just like in the rest of the world. Some of the latest advances have been made with the introduction of lasers in dentistry, Digital x-rays (which actually produce less radiation than a ride in an airplane) and natural looking crowns that can be made in a single visit. The technology allows dentist to provide a better service – but the time savings for patients is huge.

3.) Having stomach problems? Acid reflux disease often presents in the mouth. The acid eats away at the tooth enamel, causing pits, holes, and discoloration.  It many times shows up during the dental checkup even before the disease diagnosis.

2.)  Gingivitis can be contagious. People with gum disease can pass harmful bacteria to partners and children through kissing and sharing of utensils.  Another good reason to make sure you are taking care of any gum problems.

1.)  Daily Flossing is the #1 thing I hope you walk away from here knowing that is important.


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