7th Annual Candy Drive: Send the Sweet Message of Support to Our Troops!

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Halloween is right around the corner! For some, this is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, with its costume parties, spooky decorations, and of course, trick-or-treating!

The kids, probably, love this holiday the most – the look forward to dressing up and collecting sweets door-to-door in the neighborhood. They do a great job and often collect quite a bounty they can’t possibly eat! Well, they will tell you otherwise, of course, but eating candy every day of the week does not benefit the health of their teethTo save the pretty little smiles from cavities AND to teach the young ones lessons of sharing, encourage the children (and adults!) to donate the leftover candy to our troops oversees at our 7th Annual Candy Drive! The soldiers love getting the letters and the sweet message of support from home!


We will be collecting candy, handwritten notes and cards for our soldiers from November 3rd to November 14th at our office at 5 Seaward Rd in Wellesley.  To schedule a drop-off, please call us at 781-237-9071. CarePacks, a non-profit organization, will help us ship these overseas to the soldiers!

The celebratory press event is scheduled for November 14th, 10 am at our office. Local media and photographers will capture your generous donation. Principals, faculty, parents, and students (with the permission from their teachers, of course) are welcome to attend. We would love for you to attend the event and see how our community unites in the spirit of giving!

Thank you! For more information, call 781-237-9071 or email us at smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com.

The caring team of Wellesley Dental Group.


Image reference: http://visual.ly/how-much-candy-do-we-eat-halloween

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