A more relaxing experience

We strive to do everything to help our patients have a more relaxing experience. Sometimes, in order to do this, sedation dentistry is an option we will discuss.

But what is sedation dentistry?
We use a type of sedation called “Oral Conscious Sedation”. It is not the IV sedation that normally puts people to sleep. Oral conscious sedation involves the dentist prescribing a specific amount of medication, taken orally at prescribed intervals, to help relax the patient. When dental work begins, it often feels like a very short period of time for the patient, even if hours have passed. Any fear of the dental appointment subsides, providing the patient with a very comfortable and relaxing experience.
Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that it allows patients to undergo many hours of treatment in a single visit.
We provide consultations in advance of sedation dentistry to make sure it is a viable and healthy option for each patient on an individiual basis.

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