Amalgam Fillings Could Raise Mercury Levels


Dental amalgam, a type of filling material that is a combination of mercury, silver, tin, and other metals, is a cheap and long-lasting way to restore your teeth and prevent further tooth decay.

However, a study that analyzed the link between dental fillings and mercury exposure of around 15,000 individuals conducted by the department of environmental health science from University of Georgia’s College of Public Health reports that using amalgam can cause mercury levels to be prolonged in the body. This is the first study that controls for variables such as age, ethnicity, race, gender, and diet.

The study’s main author, Lei Yin, PhD, MD, MS, says that although tooth decay is a common problem, there is little discussion concerning the different types of dental materials available. Co-author Xiaozhong “John” Yu adds that they hope the study accurately measures mercury level exposure so that scientists can assess future risks.

Although the Food and Drug Administration deemed amalgam fillings safe for adults and children over 6 years old in 2009, the researchers found that there was a dramatic increase in methyl mercury, which is most likely linked to dental amalgam. A high level of mercury is toxic and could result in problems in the brain, heart, kidney, lung, and immune system.

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