Appreciate the Relatively Unpainful Methods of Modern-Day Dentistry!

teethhGoing to the dentist’s may not be your favorite activity, but you might appreciate it a little more after reading Danny Gallagher’s article about how painless modern-day dentistry is compared to dental processes from around 14,000 years ago!

You’d think that there wouldn’t be time for practicing dental repair during the Paleolithic era. However, a recent study from University of Bologna in Italy  published by the journal “Scientific Reportsshows that people started to treat cavities a long time ago. Researchers disvovered dental evidence from an ancient molar found at a dig site in northern Italy in 1988.Tests dated the tooth to the Late Upper Paleolithic era, which was approximately 13,820 to 14,160 years ago. Although the tooth was found in 1988, it was not until 25 years later that researchers noticed the oldest piece of evidence throughout dentistry history, says paleoanthropologist Stefano Benazzi, co-author of this study from the University of Bologna.

There was considerable enamel chipping made in the tooth’s cavity before the specimen died at around 25 years. Researchers carried out an experiment which involved scratching at the enamel of the molar with tools made out of different materials (wood, bone, stone, etc.). They tested these different implements in order to attempt to recreate this 14,000 year old dental procedure. The results of this experiment demonstrated that the person who operated on the tooth probably used tools created from sharpened flint. Ouch! Think about how painful that would be!

The University of Bologna’s study is not the only proof that humans from ancient eras have tried to repair teeth with extremely painful methods. For instance, an article on LiveScience stated that there was evidence of the use of beeswax for filling a cracked, canine tooth from a human jaw that was discovered in a Slovenian cave more than a hundred years ago. Another New York Times article claims that human molars from 4,000-7,000 BC that were drilled with stone tools were found in western Pakistan.

Don’t you just want to hug the inventor of anesthetics?

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