Babson Coaching Day

Our son Zann is a freshman at Babson College this year. Zann is benefitting from a unique and helpful opportunity for freshmen and junior year students at Babson called “The Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program.”

We started our participation in the fall by attending a training program on how to provide students with career and personal development advice, as well as to help them identify strengths and weaknesses.   Also part of the coaching is giving feedback to the students on developing five key competencies that will aid them in their job search: leadership, teamwork, communication, listening, and decision-making skills.  These competencies had been identified as some of the most valued by employers. 

At the most recent coaching session, March 7, we each met with an individual student to go over the aforementioned aspects and truly felt we were able to help the students. 

 It is such a rewarding experience to see these students gain confidence, start to bloom, and build upon their strengths, and definitely gives us hope for the future leaders of tomorrow.

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