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Belle of the Ball Prom Gown Collections

A donated dress for Belle of the Ball
A donated dress for Belle of the Ball

Each year, Anton’s Cleaners, a family owned Massachusetts business, sponsors the Belle of the Ball drive to collect, clean, and then distribute prom gowns to high school junior and senior girls.  These girls are nominated by community members, teachers, and others and would not normally be able to afford to attend prom.  The service concludes with a “boutique day” where the girls are assisted in picking out a dress, shoes, and all necessary prom items. 



 Wellesley Dental Group is happy to be a drop off site for this gown drive.  If you have any gently worn or new prom gowns (must be within 3-4 years old so they are still trendy) and you’d like to help, please bring your gown/s to our office by April 10th and we will make sure to get them to a local Anton’s for cleaning and distribution. 

For more information on this event (many volunteer positions for Belle of the Ball might still be available) please visit


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  • Danica

    Last year I also donated a dress or two (they had been in my closet and certainly weren’t getting used) and it felt really good to be able to help. I remember how special going to prom was for me and I hope that I can help again this year.

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