BPA In Canned Foods Dangerous

Recent studies have shown that people who consume canned food are exposed to BPA. Tests indicate that these levels are now known to harm laboratory animals. Several factors were examined in the study, such as amount of canned food consumed, levels of it in the body, etc. Conditions such as prostate damage and diabetes have been linked.

Below is a section of the article about the relationship between BPA and pregnancy:

“EWG analyzed chronic exposures for women who eat either 1, 2, or 3 servings of canned food daily throughout pregnancy. We compared the percent of women in each of these scenarios who would exceed a given dose, against a number of toxic doses measured in lab studies. In each case, we found that significant fractions of women who regularly eat canned food would exceed safe levels of BPA exposures on average throughout pregnancy. Our analysis relies on government canned food consumption data and measured BPA levels from our tests of commonly eaten canned foods. We did not include soda consumption in these analyses.”

One easy way to avoid BPA exposure is to look for canned foods that say “BPA Free” on the label. Also, purchasing food in glass jars is a wise choice. You can read the full study here.

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