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Getting children in the habit of twice daily brushing  and daily flossing can seem like a chore. Kids love Wellesley Dental Group’s brushing and flossing chart that tracks their progress toward keeping up on these healthy habits.

Print out our BRUSHING AND FLOSSING CHART and your children can happily check off each time they brush and floss.  Each brushing box should have two check marks in it (morning and evening brushing). After three weeks of brushing, children can send in the form to us to receive their own BRUSHING EXPERT CERTIFICATE! A nice reward for a job well done. 

If your child is younger than 7 and is not flossing yet, we do have another version available that excludes the flossing boxes, which we will upload soon.

More children’s dental health fun facts, games, and activities are on our monthly kids’ newsletters (on blog as Pediatric Newsletter).

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  1. I think that its important for children to learn the importance of oral hygiene and proper brushing. This will help them develop the habit of maintaining good oral health as they grow up.

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