sweet tooth candy

Candy That is Good for Your Teeth?

sweet tooth candyMicrobiologists in Berlin have concocted a sugar-free, probiotic mint candy that eliminates cavity-causing bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial oral bacteria.

After we eat a meal, bad bacteria like Streptoccocus mutans,  in our mouths begin to break down the food particles (especially starches and sugars) while releasing harmful acids that cause tooth decay. 

Microbiologist Christine Lang and her team wanted to come up with a way to find the good oral bacteria that will fight and eliminate the bad bacteria that cause tooth decay.  The group of researchers isolated a healthy type of bacteria called Lactobacillus paracasei, which keeps the bad bacteria, Streptoccocus mutans, from sticking onto tooth enamel.  The mint candy the researchers have made acts like probiotics for your teeth and is comprised of heat-killed samples of these good, healthy bacteria.

Lang and her team administered the candy to a group of participants five times over a 1.5 day period.  Results showed that almost three-fourths of the participants that ate the candies had significantly lower levels of the bad bacteria, Streptoccocus mutans, than the control group.  Furthermore, the candy itself promotes saliva flow, which is an essential way the body can maintain good oral health.

The research team is still in its early stages of developing this product and hopes to conduct more long-term experiments in the future.

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