Causes of Teeth Discoloration

The holidays are here, the holidays are here! Can you sense our excitement? The next couple of months will consist of holiday parties and gatherings galore. Of course, this means days and nights filled with laughter and smiles. Are you ready to show off your pearly whites to friends and family? If your smile has grown darker, you may be one of millions of Americans with teeth discoloration.

What causes darkened teeth?

Certain foods stain teeth more than others. Try avoiding these foods during the holiday season and beyond: Black Coffee: Nights turn to days and we turn to coffee but remember the darker the coffee the worse it is for your teeth. Try to avoid drinking black coffee altogether (easier said than done) or adding milk. Teas: Similar to black coffee, black teas cause the worst stains. Turn to alternatives such as green, white, or herbal teas. Red Wine: Considered a dinner favorite by many, red wine contains polyphenols that stain teeth. Also, the alcohol in red wine is very acidic; therefore it wears the enamel of the teeth. Do not brush your teeth directly after drinking red wine rather rinse with water. Cola: Most cola give us a double whammy. Cola drinks stain and discolor the teeth. Also, overtime the acids and sugars in cola erode teeth. White Wine: Sorry wine lovers, trading red wine for white may not make much of a difference when it comes to dental stains. Studies show white wine also contains high acid content that causes teeth discoloration.

Aging. Yes, teeth turning yellow are yet another natural part of getting older. Over the years, stains seep into the enamel.

Defects within the tooth.

Tobacco use.

There is hope, though! Custom home whitening or Zoom! whitening can help reverse the stains and bring back your dazzling, white smile. Visit our website to learn more.

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