Cavities Can Hinder Growth in Children!

Tooth decay doesn’t just affect your oral health, it can even decrease growth rate! Therefore, it’s especially important for your children to protect their teeth, since they’re still in the process of growing.

The results of a recent study conducted at University College London and King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia suggest that tooth decay could delay growth in children.

Researchers examined the relationship between the heights and weights of Saudi Arabian children between six and eight years old. They discovered that children with more severe cavities were at a higher risk for being underweight and shorter than average.

Here are some ways to keep your children healthy and cavity-free:

  1. Ensure that they brush for two minutes two times a day
  2. Take proper care of your own oral health to set a good example
  3. Schedule dental appointments early on
  4. Watch what they eat (avoid sugary foods and drinks)

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