Concierge Dentistry

It feels good to be pampered and when it doesn’t cost anything extra, it feels super good.  From haircuts, to car maintenance, to eating out at a restaurant, the feelings we experience when we leave can make decisions for us…if we will frequent that business, or if we will seek out another.

In today’s economy, clients of all different types of industries need to feel positive that they made the right decision in choosing a particular business.  People who put trust in businesses deserve superior service – not a reduction in service.  They also deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty.

As we started the New Year, Wellesley Dental Group evaluated our current offerings in terms of procedures, technology, and overall service and care, and we did not want to remain stagnant.  We want 2009 to be a year that our patients can say we really stepped up our game and improved the value that we offer.

“Concierge Dentistry” is our new way to describe our high-quality, valuable customer service.   It is possibly one of the fastest growing trends in dentistry.  Just like health clubs and hotels that cater to your needs, Wellesley Dental Group is right there among them (FOR NO EXTRA COST).

Although we have always done our best to go the extra mile for our patients, we know that many people would never think to ask for our help.   Here are some of the ways we can provide concierge service to you for your dental appointments and scheduling needs:
•    Call you if an opening is available for your preferred/most suitable date and time.
•    Order food so it is ready for you when you are done with your appointment.
•    Print out an expense report for tax purposes and send it or fax it to you.
•    Provide referrals to other health professionals and businesses, based on your particular needs.
•    Call a taxi/limo service for you
•    Make copies or fax something for you
•    Use the internet to get directions, flight updates, or any thing you need

Wellesley Dental Group is committed to providing this community with the exceptional service and dentistry available today.    If you have an idea of how we may also help you, please let us know!   Kristen is our new concierge and you may email her at or call her at (781) 237-9071.


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