Congratulations to Dr. Ejaz Ali for completing NYU’s course in Full-Mouth Reconstruction!

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This last Friday Dr. Ali was awarded a certificate of achievement for completion of New York University’s course in “Full Mouth Reconstruction: Advanced Principles and Practice for the GP” with special focus on Implants, Aesthetics, and Occlusion. Since September of 2014, Dr. Ali and 12 other dental practitioners have studied with NYU faculty and master dental technicians to  enhance their knowledge and treatment abilities of difficult full-mouth reconstruction cases. Through classroom studies as well as hands-on clinical practice, the dentists studied ceramic restorations, computer-aided designs, and aesthetic long-term prosthetics with a sound occlusion.

Prior to the completion of the course, Dr. Ali was a skillful practitioner of dental reconstruction. He affirms that one of the most important aspects of the program was its emphasis on a holistic approach: being able to look beyond the immediate problem, from one or two teeth to the entire mouth, and explore long term solutions. Having previously learned from Dr. Peter Dawson of The Dawson Academy, and Frank Spear of Spear Education, Dr. Ali is now grateful for the opportunity to work under such mentors as Dr. Dean Vafiadis of the New York Smile Institute, Dr. Thomas Planzos, Dr. Anthony Classi of Classi Smiles, and many more of the esteemed NYU faculty.

Congratulations, Dr. Ali!

150615 NYU CertificateFor more information on the course as well as New York University’s Continuing Dental Education program, please visit their website:

For more information about Dr. Dean Vafiadis and the New York Smile Institute:

For more information about Dr. Thomas Planzos:

For more information about Dr. Anthony Classi and Classi Smiles:

For more information about Dr. Peter Dawson and The Dawson Academy:

For more information about Dr. Frank Spear:

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