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We just purchased and received two Thumbuddy to Love™ puppets (Fireman Fred and Ballerina Sue) and coinciding character stories for children who suck their thumbs and for parents who want a helpful, positive way to stop thumb sucking.

They are truly adorable – everyone “oooh”ed and “awhhh”ed over them.

Children can wear these thumb puppets while reading a story about Fireman Fred or Ballerina Sue before bedtime.

A great feature of these tools is that children can also get “Certificates of Congratulations” for reaching their goals.

To see what we’re talking about, please visit (Sorry I didn’t take a pic earlier).

It’s remarkable what genius ideas can come from moms and from people just trying to solve an age-old problem. It can be really difficult as a parent to choose what’s the best course of action.  We’ll do our best to research the new tools and advice available so we can make recommendations that suit the individual circumstances, especially when it comes to children.

As a dentist office, we’re not sure how we will incorporate these Thumbuddies, but rest assured, that some lucky family will get to use these to try out very soon.

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  1. So glad you like the Thumbuddy To Love thumb puppets and books to help stop thumb sucking…we love them too!!

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