Dental Anxiety Help – 3

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Dental Anxiety Help 3 – “To worry or not to worry”

In this blog series, Dental Anxiety Help, ou guest contributor was, Andre Perreault, LMHC. At the bottom of each “Dental Anxiety Help” you can find links to previous entries as well. If you’d like to reach Mr. Perreault directly, please call him at (617) 835-6581.

Dental Anxiety Help 3 – “To worry or not to worry”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,”

This is a throw away line that we might hear several times in any day. Those who worry know though that it is hard to simply ‘not worry about it’. Worry has staying power. It is unpleasant. On the other hand it actually can be helpful. It motivates us to be prepared, to be aware or to accomplish something. While that is true, too much of an internal push to prepare, be aware, or to ‘get there’ can be detrimental. Worry, simply, is only helpful until it isn’t. When we have some control over what it is we worry about then worry can be helpful. You have a paper due and you’re worried about it? Then worry may push you to do the paper and it’s done. When it comes to a dental visit though, much of the control is in the gloved hands of your competent dentist.

So tip #2 is to build trust with your dentist. Now, I know this is a difficult task for many folks. Building trust in your dentist will take some effort on the part of your dentist and your dental health, in addition to your mental health, is worth the extra attention. Call your dentist and let them know you are having some difficulty with nerves or anxiety. There are many people who do this. Your dentist will be happy to set up a time to meet with you, and hear your concerns. Your dentist has seen this before and will know what to do. They will be gentle with you, make you comfortable, and make you familiar with the process and procedures.

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