Dental Anxiety Help 5

Dental Anxiety Help 5 – “Schedule your worry time”

Anxious?In this blog series, Dental Anxiety Help, we’d like to introduce our guest contributor, Andre Perreault, LMHC.  Every Wednesday we will be featuring his advice and helpful tips for people who experience anxiety, fear, and phobias about dental visits.  Please check back every week for more – we will tag our posts with “anxiety” for quick reference when viewing in a feeder program.  At the bottom of each “Dental Anxiety Help” you can find links to previous entries as well. If you’d like to reach Mr. Perreault directly, please call him at (617) 835-6581.

Dental Anxiety Help 5 – “Schedule your worry time”


Sometimes it’s so hard to stop a worry.  Sometimes it may be better just to go ahead and worry, but only a little.  Worry thoughts have a distinct ability to hang around.  They can linger once they start so one approach to accomodating this strong urge to worry is to schedule it in. Yes, really.

So Tip #4 is to schedule your worry time.  Pick a time, perhaps a 10 to 15 minute block, every day during the week before your next dental appointment.  During that scheduled time, sit down at your desk, at your table, in a chair, and worry.  If you find it helpful to write down all the worries then do it.  You may find that once you are actively trying to worry it’s a little more difficult than you would think.  Watch the clock and give yourself a few minutes to wrap up.  Also, keep track of what your worries are.  Write them down if you need to.  Then throughout the day as you worry, remind yourself to hold that thought until your next scheduled worry session.



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