Dental Pains on Airplanes

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Flying to a new location, or home to visit family is typically always exciting. Nevertheless, some fliers may experience  dental pain and problems as a result of changes in atmospheric pressure. Because the atmospheric pressure is often too low for humans the higher the plane reaches, fliers may be impacted by some of the following oral issues:


When one experiences tooth pain due to high or low atmospheric pressures, this is referred to as barodontalgia. This can affect people on airplanes or people who scuba dive, for instance. The pain one may feel is typically a sharp tooth ache feeling due to stimulation of nerve endings.


Odontocrexis is also referred to as barometric tooth explosion. Individuals who have faulty tooth restorations, dislodged crowns, or cavities may experience pain when subject to changes in atmospheric pressure. Make sure to visit your dentist if you think you may have any of these dental issues.


If you’ve ever experienced ear pain on a plan, it is probably due to Barotitis, in which a vacuum is created in the ear when the air pressure is changing during landing.


Also during flight you may experience sinus issues due to the change in pressure. This can cause barodontalgia.

Peri-orbital headache:

When a vacuum is created inside the frontal sinus, you may experience a headache due to the pressure changes.


No need to worry though, these problems can be  prevented! You can avoid barotrauma or barosinusitis by postponing flights when having the common cold. Also decongestants, chewing on sugar-free gum, or using ear plugs may help prevent these problems while traveling.

If you are traveling this summer, take these tips into consideration and have a safe flight!

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