Denture cream concerns

Excessive usage of denture cream may lead to balance and walking difficulties, according to an ABC news report from May 5, 2009.  The report references a recent study published in the Journal of Neurology and raises concerns that we felt our patients and others might like to know about.


Denture creams are typically over-the-counter products that people use to keep their false teeth in place. The creams do not require warning labels by the FDA.  Small amounts are deemed safe, and you should not need much, if any, when your dentures are fitting properly.  When dentures are not fitting properly, people may begin to use more cream to compensate.  Increased and lengthy exposure to the zinc in the creams (zinc amounts are not usually listed on the packaging) can cause copper deficiencies and serious neurological problems, according to the report.


One example in the report included a lady who had experienced tingling in her toes at the beginning and within four years, had completely lost her balance.  She had used a denture cream once a day for 10 years and had kept the dentures in overnight.  Her doctors eliminated the denture cream from her regimen. 


The overwhelming concept we retained from this report, and we’re glad we caught it while watching the news, is that people whose dentures are not fitting correctly should get them adjusted, repaired, or replaced so that use of denture cream is not necessary or used in very small amounts.  If you would like to read the report, it is available at 


Getting dentures to a comfortable and proper fit can be a process that requires some patience.  New dental implant technology is actually reducing the number of patients who choose dentures – the benefits of a permanent dental implant can far outweigh those of dentures to replace missing teeth.


We continue to study the dental implant technology and we do recommend it over dentures for those people who have missing teeth.  It is a long-term solution, rather than a short-term fix. 


Please contact us if you believe your dentures are not fitting properly so we can address the issue and help reduce the amount of denture cream you may be using.  We do not like to take any chances and we are taking this new information seriously. 



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