Do You Have a Gap Between Your Teeth?

Taylor Swift might like the gap between your teeth, but your orthodontist might think differently. A gap between teeth, most commonly between the two upper front teeth, is called a diastema. Extra spaces between teeth or crowding of teeth can be caused by one of these problems:

  • a difference in jaw bone size or teeth size
  • teeth that are too big or small for the jaw
  • some teeth are missing or undersized (especially with the upper lateral incisors)
  • habits such as thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing reflexes, tongue thrusting
  • periodontal disease

A diastema doesn’t seem like the worst, but spaces can become larger if tongue habits are not corrected or if periodontal disease is not treated. Pain might occur during eating, and teeth could become even more loose. The gaps can last a lifetime. To decrease your chances of getting a diastema, make sure to brush and floss regularly and correct your tongue habits.

There are many options for treating a diastema. You can choose to:

  • get orthodontic treatment (braces) to close the gap
  • use thin pieces of porcelain (porcelain veneers) that are bounded to the outside of the teeth
  • dental implants or dentures
  • crown and bridge work

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