Does drinking with a straw protect your teeth?

Are you concerned about tooth decay or staining, but are having trouble giving up your daily orange juice? It is okay to drink soda or juice in moderation! On the occasions where you do consume these drinks, something as simple as using a straw when you drink soda, juice, or coffee could prevent tooth decay and staining.

Using a straw essentially creates a direct ‘funnel’ for the acidic, sugary beverages and minimizes contact of the liquid on your teeth. Here are some tips:

  • Straw placement matters. Place the straw past your teeth so that it’s not in direct contact with your teeth.
  • Don’t keep the soda, juice, or wine in your mouth as you sip. This increases the amount of exposure your teeth have to the acidic and sugary liquids.
  • Don’t brush right after drinking soda or juice! Your enamel is softer after drinking these beverages, and brushing could wear it away.
  • Maintain a proper oral care regimen.

There are times when using a straw is not recommended, such as after wisdom tooth extraction or other form of oral surgery.

On a usual basis, incorporating straws into your routine could be an easy alternative to keeping a healthy, white smile!

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