“Does My Breath Smell?”

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Cure Bad BreathHaving bad breath can be a symptom of a host of oral health problems like severe tooth decay, infections in the mouth, and gum disease.  In other cases, bad breath can just be the result of a garlic-heavy lunch.  Regardless, having odor-free breath is essential in our day-to-day social interactions with others.  Have you ever wondered if your breath smelled and had no way to check?  Although many people employ the strategy of breathing into their cupped hands to check, this method is actually ineffective.  Our bodies are all individually acclimated to our own scents, and thus it is difficult to notice any changes in the smell of our breath.

Luckily, there are other ways you can quickly check the smell of your own breath.

  • Cotton test: Take a cotton swab and run it across the top of your tongue near the back and smell it.  If it smells bad or is yellow in color, this suggests elevated sulfide production.
  • Wrist test: Lick your wrist and wait about 10 seconds before smelling it.
  • Dental floss/toothpick test: Smell floss or toothpick after you are done using it and look for any bad odors.
  • Mirror test: If the very back of your tongue is whitish in color, this may suggest foul odor.
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