Does the Toothpaste Expire?

toothpaste brushSometimes we keep things in the bathroom cabinet for years. Do you ever wonder if your toothpaste expired? If it is, do you throw it away?

Using expired toothpaste is not dangerous, says Dr. Joel H. Berg, chairman of pediatric dentistry at the University of Washington in Seattle and a representative of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

You might be surprised to find out that ADA requires that any toothpaste containing fluoride carries a expiration date. Typically, it’s two years after the manufacture date. Pass that time the toothpaste looses its effectiveness, because the fluoride in the toothpaste becomes less effective as it does not do a good job binding to tooth enamel and hardening it against the acid that causes cavities. Ingredients may separate, including the flavoring, so it can become quite unpleasant to brush your teeth with that toothpaste.

When you got a tube of old toothpaste, you can toss it or use it at places outside of your mouth:

Clean the bathroom sink – Toothpaste contains tiny, natural abrasives, such as silica that work great on shining up your sink, including the faucet.

Remove odor from hands – The same ingredient that freshens your breath will also remove unpleasant odors from your hands. Just use it that same way you would use hand soap.

Remove crayon marks from walls – The mark of every home with a toddler, crayons on the wall. No problem, just squirt a little toothpaste on the walls and scrub with a brush or micro-fiber cloth. Viola – gone.

Clean a clothes iron – To clean that gummy residue that occasionally builds up on your iron, just scrub it with some toothpaste. Those little abrasives come in handy again. Just make sure to do this on a cool iron.

Remove scuffs from leather shoes – Out of shoe polish right before the big date? No problem, just grab your toothpaste, put a dab on your shoes.  Rub with a soft cloth then remove with a damp cloth. Your shoes will look brand new.

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