Summer blues

Summer is not the time to neglect your oral health.  It may seem that summertime  is a perfect time to forget about your troubles and cares, maybe go on a vacation or two.   However,  your teeth, gums, and mouth do not follow a seasonal schedule and problems can flare up at any time of year.How many vacations have you heard about that are ruined by a dental emergency? In my family alone, there have been at least 2 vacations that were severely affected by a teeth related issue.  It’s hard enough for people to find the time to plan and go on a vacation; having medical or dental problems during a vacation is just a plain bummer.  When  you’re out of town, who would you call?  Where would get a prescription should you need one? Would your doctor even be available to speak with you? 

But I hate to end on a negative note.  The message I send today is to let you know that you can be proactive and take care of any issues before you go away.  If you have any pain, that’s an obvious sign to get looked at.  Teeth should not hurt.

-Danica Medeiros

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