Even Hedgehogs Need Dentists!

If you’re dreading your next dental check up appointment and feeling anxious, maybe looking at these adorable pictures will help put your mind at ease.  Benny the African pygmy hedgehog was taken to the veterinarian by his owner Allie Daugherty after displaying some worrisome symptoms like loss of appetite.  Daughtery said, “I noticed Benny hadn’t been eating as much as he usually does, and that can signify a tooth problem, domesticated hedgehogs eat dry cat food as their main diet, so the crunchy pellets can’t be eaten with a toothache.”  

In order to take a look at Benny’s tiny teeth, the veterinarian used a plastic anesthesia chamber usually used for parrots to put the hedgehog to sleep in order to keep him from being too stressed out during the check-up.  In the end, Benny was found to have no oral health problems and had perfectly healthy teeth and gums.  However, the veterinarian did note that Benny was “delightfully chubby.”

Take a look at these aww-worthy pictures from the check-up below:

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