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Father’s Day June 20

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 20.

We’ve interviewed a few dads to see what kind of gifts they’d love, keeping in mind that not all gifts are material.  

Father and Child

 Here’s a compilation of what they thought would make a nice Father’s Day present:

1.) A nice relaxing visit together – not a hurried and over-scheduled one.

2.) Tools – what would your Dad buy right now if he were at the hardware/home improvement store with money to spend? Has he mentioned anything that needs replacing or would make home projects easier?

3.) New cell phone.

4.) Digital picture frame (with pictures already uploaded).

5.) A freshly washed and vaccuumed car.

6.) A homemade Father’s Day card.

7.) A shirt

8.) Specialty steaks for grilling

9.) A day at the beach building sand castles with the kids and playing frisbee.

10.) A hug, a kiss, and a big “I Love You, Dad!”

There are thousands more wonderful ideas – here are some great gifts that kids can make, courtesy of Family Fun Magazine.

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