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Over 210 pounds of candy were donated to raise money for a sick child


Over 210 pounds of candy were donated to raise money for a sick child

Amazing Generosity coming from Kids

Two brothers, Cayman and Bryce Cushing, age 12, are amazing to us. They represent the great hopes of tomorrow and the truth that generosity lives among us today.

These Framingham boys dropped off 210 pounds of candy at our office today.  In candy buy-back terms, that is $210!  We told kids that we’d give them $1.00 per bag (as part of the Halloween Candy Buy-Back – $1.00 per pound is the going price).

The most wonderful part of the story is that collectively with their friends and community, they collected hundreds of pounds of candy to help a friend who was diagnosed with a rare cancer in August.  They have asked for the $210 to be donated to the Michael Eden Medical Fund – a selfless, charitable, and intelligent idea, and one that has proved to touch all of our hearts at the office. 

Thank you to Bryce, Cayman, and Cushing family, and to all of the friends who also made the choice to donate rather than “eat” the candy! You have provided another wonderful example of true generosity.

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