Genes Play an Important Role in Oral Health

Genes Play an Important Role in Oral HealthIt’s easy to blame cavities on the ton of sugar that was consumed or the lack of brushing and caring for teeth. However, what if we can control how our body fights off oral bacteria before we consume any sugar or decide skip out on flossing? Recent published in the Australian Dental Journal demonstrated that the field of epigenetics could play a crucial role in making these dental dreams come true. 

Our genetic code contains all the elements that we need to function as a human being, but the epigenetic code determines which genes are activated and which genes remain silent. Genes are regulated according to the environment, such as the level of oral microbes the oral cavity is exposed to. The scientists believe that these adjustments are connected to how well an individual can maintain their oral health and that there may be a way to epigenetically manipulate the genes, preventing oral disease.

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2007, epigenetics started playing a more important role in biological and medical research. Dentists and other healthcare researchers are now looking into which genes are essential for good oral health. Studies are comparing individuals with good oral health and those with poor oral health and determining which part of the genome plays an important role in dental development. 

This proves to be exciting news for the field of dentistry. With future studies, scientists are able to target these keys genes and drive down the frequency of common oral health problems. Perhaps in the future, it will be possible to stop the development of the prevalent oral health problems at an early age.

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