Inexpensive gifts that moms will love!

Lady with flower

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that are inexpensive and meaningful from some of the mothers at W.D.G.

1.) Give her a bunch of handpicked flowers
2.) Breakfast-in-bed
3.) Let mom sleep in (and maybe also breakfast in bed)
4.) Bring mom her favorite coffee or morning beverage
5.) A booklet of “I will do __(chore)_____ for you” certificates
6.) Surprise her with a day-trip to a neighboring town that you don’t normally go to; experience the local flavor by checking out the stores, historical buildings, parks, and scenery
7.) Buy her a large single cookie from a local bakery and use frosting or food safe gel to write her a special note
8.) Wash and vacuum her car
9.) A hand-written, heart felt letter of what your mom means to you ( believe us, it can mean a LOT more than store-bought cards)

And last, but not least,

10.) Give the moms in your life a HUG and tell them that you LOVE them!



  • Zarah

    My brother and I made my mom a little coupon book full of favors and chores (like detailing the car and a 15 minute massage from me) that she could redeem whenever she wants– and she absolutely loved it. She told us this was one of the most thoughtful gifts she had ever received, and we didn’t even have to spend a penny! Thanks for the great tip guys 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  • D

    If my son brings home good grades to show to me it will be the best gift for Mother’s Day! Or having my son take the dog out without me asking him; that would be nice.

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