Great Dental Apps for Your Smart Phone

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There is an app for everything imaginable nowadays.  Teenagers and adults alike are constantly on their phones.  Why not add ways to maintain good oral health while you’re routinely scrolling through different apps on your phone anyway?  We’ve narrowed down some great dental apps for everyone that are guaranteed to keep you smiling. Brush DJ (Price: free) Did you know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes?  The Brush DJ app plays music from your smart phone device to ensure that your 2-minute brushing session is an enjoyable one.  In addition to the music player, Brush DJ allows its users to set reminders like brushing twice a day, flossing, when to replace your toothbrush, and when to see a dentist.  Brush DJ has been shown to be a favorite among kids!

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Dental Phobia (Price: $0.99) One of the most effective ways of lowering anxiety related to dental procedures, is to be knowledgable about what exactly is going on.  This app promotes the power of knowledge and provides a wealth of information regarding all dental procedures.  Also, Dental Phobia allows its users to contact qualified dentists with individual questions and concerns.

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Teeth Whitener (Price: $0.99) Have you ever wondered what you would look like with brighter, whiter teeth?  This app allows its users to upload pictures of themselves and adjust the coloring of their teeth accordingly.  If you’re wary about getting your teeth professionally whitened, this app would be a great way to see what your results may look like before you take the plunge.

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KidsDental (Price: $1.99) KidsDental incorporates superb animation in their learning tools.  This app was designed to teach children about important oral health issues and proper dental care.  It is even customizable by each individual user by allowing its users to input personal dental milestones like “first tooth loss” into an interactive calendar.  KidsDental covers a wide range of dental topics including: cavities, early tooth loss, and broken teeth.

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My Little Dentist – Kids Game  (Price: Free) For kids that have an interest in dentistry as a career – this is an interactive game that lets you “treat” patients.  This game utilizes a simple tap and drag interface with kids-friendly content.

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  1. Thank you! There is more and more fun dental apps and games being developed online!

  2. Excellent article, thanks for sharing! I’ve always been curious on the type of dental apps out there available on the smart phone. I’m sure the “techy” patients would enjoy such apps.

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