Gum Disease Doesn’t Just Affect Your Gums!

What do Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes have in common? If you have periodontal (gum) disease, your risk for all these diseases could increase.

People once thought that the mouth and the body had no relation each other, and dental care used to be the job of barbers in the Middle Ages! It wasn’t until the 1700’s that dentistry was finally recognized as its own science and the late 1990’s that the connection between oral bacteria and heart disease was studied in animals.

When you don’t brush or floss thoroughly, bacteria can become trapped between your teeth and your gums. This can cause plaque to accumulate, which can eventually lead to the break down of the gums and oral tissue and make other parts of the body prone to infection.

Preventing the buildup of plaque from reaching oxygen will cause it to favor anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria, which can travel all throughout the body through the bloodstream.

When neutrophils (white blood cells) attempt to destroy the bacteria on the gums, they not only don’t succeed in controlling the infection, but they also release enzymes that further deteriorate oral tissue.

Therefore, periodontal disease affects more than just your oral health; it could also affect the heart, the liver, the gut, and even your child if you’re pregnant. Some studies have also shown a link between gum disease and increased bacteria in the brain and increased risk for tumors.

Make sure to take proper care of your teeth. Your body will thank you later!

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