Happy MLK Jr. Day!

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Today, January 18, 2010 seems like a very interesting and important day.

First, it’s a holiday celebrating the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Secondly, the world watches as recovery efforts in Haiti continue and donations for relief are pouring in.  Plans are underway for large charity telethons and other events. I am thinking of putting together my own little relief party on Friday while watching the telethon put on by George Clooney.  Those pins they wore last night at the Golden Globes are very colorful and I want to get my hands on some.

Third – it’s a snowy day in New England. (Thank goodness many people have the day off and don’t necessarily need to drive.)

Fourth – Tomorrow is a special election in the Commonwealth.

I feel like all of these things combine together to make today a day about decisions, positive actions, thinking of others, reflection, and feeling blessed. 

(Wellesley Dental Group is open today, by the way.)

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