Happy National Public Health Week!

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Happy National Public Health Week! During the week of April 4-10, the American Public Health Association is dedicating their time to bring attention to important health issues across the nation and to acknowledge the contributions that workers in public health have made. This national campaign serves to inform and bring awareness to policymakers, practitioners, and the public about public health and prevention.

There are many different ways you can join this movement. Before anything, check out these facts for the week, which provide information on the many aspects of public health, such as the choice of healthy food, the link between social justice and health, or the importance of easily accessible health care. For more information on National Public Health Week and the APHA, you can also click on this link to their informative and organized website.

The four main to get involved are:

  1. Becoming a NPHW and Generation Public Health partner by showing your support and spreading awareness about public health.
  2. Submitting a community event to the official NPHW calendar!
  3. Taking action by signing the pledge to join Generation Public Health.
  4. Attending a cool event in your local community! There’s a wildcrafting event on foraging for edible and medicinal plants right in Brookline, MA on Thursday, April 7!

And don’t forget to join the NPHW Twitter Chat on April 6th at 2 pm!

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