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Headache Awareness Week June 6 – 12

Splitting, major, awful, severe, horrible, lingering- those are words people may use when describing headaches.  I know; I used to deal with almost weekly migraines.  Headache questionThough millions suffer from headaches, not everyone understands why.  The National Headache Foundation is sponsoring a Headache Awareness Week this June 6 – June 12.

The foundation uses this time to educate people about why headaches occur, how they affect other aspects of your life, and it provides resources for headache sufferers.  For more information about National Headache Awareness Week, please visit

I don’t know I grew out of headaches, or if the night guard Dr. Ali made me kept me from grinding my teeth (which then caused the headaches) but I actually can’t remember my last headache.  That’s a wonderful feeling!

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