Healthy Halloween: Quick Tips for Parents


Everything looks so beautiful this time of year. The fall colors of yellow, red, and orange are everywhere; outside on the trees, in our homes among flowers and wreaths, and wrapped up over candy that makes it look much more appealing. Candy can be hard to resist.  Wellesley Dental Group has a few quick tips on how to avoid over-indulging on candy this season:

  • Discuss the various candy options with your kids and educate them on how to make smart decisions when choosing candy to snack on.
  • Keep candy out-of-sight. Chances are it will go out-of-their-minds.
  • Give your candy to us! We will gladly take excess candy off your hands and send it overseas to our troops during our 5th annual Candy Drive.
  • Be a role model. Eat non-sticky or gummy candy, which is better for your teeth and eat it in moderation.
  • Give your kids a healthy meal before trick-or-treating. Chances are they will consume less candy that night.
  • ENJOY YOUR FAMILY! Halloween is the second-most celebrated commerical holiday behind Christmas. Make it spook-tacular!
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