Healthy Office Snacks

We all need a little pick-me-up sometimes when we’re at work. However, don’t reach for that leftover cupcake from the night before or something from your co-worker’s candy dish. There are many healthier alternatives that are both nutritious, tooth-friendly and delicious!

  1. Nuts
    -almonds (protein, vitamin E, healthy fats, fiber)
  2. Fresh Fruit
    -antioxidants, vitamins, naturally sweet
    -apples & peanut butter (fiber, carbohydrates, protein for energy and maintaining blood sugar levels)
  3. Rice Cakes
    -low calorie
    -variety of flavors
  4. Pretzels
    -low in fat
  5. Yogurt or Cheese
    -low-fat yogurt (probiotics, calcium, and vitamins)
    -low-fat cottage cheese (protein keeps your blood sugar levels steady and prevent you from falling asleep)
    -low-fat cheese
  6. Vegetables and Hummus
    -hummus (calcium, iron, protein, fiber from chickpeas – maintains blood sugar levels)

In summary, choose less sugary foods and eat a variety of foods from each food group! Make sure to brush between meals and after snacks if you can.

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