Hope You had a Happy and Tooth Friendly Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Wellesley Dental Group! Thanksgiving is a day when many Americans gather with family, friends, and tons of delicious treats! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, spend time with your loved ones, and satisfy your taste buds with wonderful Thanksgiving turkey and sides.

In the United States, Thanksgiving dates back to a celebration in 1621 at Plymouth colony in Massachusetts. It was a three-day celebration joined by the Wamponoag Indians and pilgrims. The dinner of Thanksgiving was inspired by a good harvest, and the tradition spread throughout New England by 1660. Over 200 years later, the fourth Thursday of November was professed as the national holiday of Thanksgiving by President Abraham Lincoln. It later became a legal holiday by Congress in 1941. Yet, historians are not certain whether or not turkey was eaten at this feast. Today, turkey is typically the highlight of the meal. According to the National Turkey Federation, a whopping 88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving, and approximately 46 million turkeys are consumed on this holiday! 

Another highlight of Thanksgiving day are the parades across the nation. One of the most notable parades is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Today, over 3 million people attend the parade and over 44 million watch it on television.

Although the Thanksgiving feast offers many delicious foods, it is important to remember to protect your smile and practice good oral health habits! Unfortunately, it is best to limit the amount of desserts you consume.  Avoid sticky and sugary foods as the acid can erode the enamel on your teeth, which can ultimately lead to tooth decay. It is also essential not to skip brushing and flossing after the Thanksgiving feast. However, the good news is that many of the foods we traditionally eat this time of the year are good for your teeth.

Here are a few foods to avoid and foods to indulge in during the holiday that will keep your smile healthy:

Foods to Avoid this holiday:

  • Dried fruits — They often contain a high amount sugar and their sticky texture can get stuck in hard-to-reach areas between your teeth.
  • Starchy foods — Including potato chips and french fries, can be unhealthy for teeth and cause bacteria to destroy tooth enamel.
  • Popcorn —  The sugar from popcorn and kernels, especially caramel popcorn, are harmful to teeth.

Healthy foods for your teeth:

  • Cranberries– These delicious fruits are full of nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, potassium and manganese. They also help prevent the formation of plaque by interfering with bacteria in the mouth and the production of acids.
  • Turkey- Turkey is rich in protein and phosphorus, which our teeth need in order to maintain a healthy smile.
  • Dairy products– Dairy products are high in calcium, and low in acidity and sugar!
  • Pumpkin, carrots, squash and other orange vegetables are all rich in Vitamin A, which helps protect tooth enamel.
  • Onions- The anti-bacterial sulphur compounds in onions help help kill bacteria in the mouth that are harmful to teeth.
  • Spinach and other green vegetables- Dark leafy greens are rich in iron and Vitamin A.

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