How To Have a Tooth-friendly Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a great day to show your love and appreciation for the important people in your life, whether it’s someone special, your friends, or your family. Did you know:

  • $345 million is spent on candy for Valentine’s Day each year
  • Around 8 billion heart-shaped candies are sold from Feb. 1 to Feb.14
  • People eat around 58 million pounds of chocolate around Valentine’s Day
  • The amount of chocolate an average American eats each year: 10-12 lbs

Considering all the ways that Valentine’s Day can harm your teeth…Here are some tips on how to have a tooth-friendly and healthy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Make sure to keep your breath fresh! Check out this cute and informative picture:

  2. To make a good first impression, make sure to keep your teeth white!

    You can easily whiten your teeth if you follow these tips:
    1. Use whitening toothpaste
    2. Eat your fruits and vegetables (celery, apples, carrots galore!)- they can help remove substances that make your teeth yellow
    3. Strengthen your tooth enamel with a fluoride mouthwash
    4. Eat dairy products that are high in calcium such as cheese , which can help build up your tooth enamel and remove stains
    5. Get professional whitening treatment if you need it (which also happens to be a great Valentine’s Day gift idea)!

  3. Avoid these sweets in particular!

    Acid is produced when bacteria (from sweets and sodas) and sugar in your mouth interact. This can cause tooth decay that can destroy both the enamel and the inner layer of the tooth, which can lead to cavities. Therefore, make sure to avoid these sweets:

    1. Lollipops/hard candies
    2. Toffee
    3. Gum drops
    4. Taffy
    5. Caramel corn
    6. Peanut brittle
    7. Dried fruit
    8. Chocolate-covered raisins
    9. High-energy sports bars

Our team hopes that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Check out these cute Valentine’s Day cards created by the ADA! These valentines are a nice way to incorporate something sweet into this lovely holiday without worrying about ruining your teeth. You can print them out here.

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