Is “An Apple a Day” Good for your Teeth?

5083649844_afe8e9e1ac_zWill an apple a day only keep the doctor away? What about the dentist? Apples are not only recognized for their health benefits, but they also have an impact on teeth!

With school starting up again, the easiest way to lead children away from candies and other sugary foods is to offer healthy snack alternatives. Eating fresh fruit is a good alternative to drinking fruit juices, which have a high level of acidity and sugar. Apples make great healthy snacks that are easy to throw into your child’s lunchbox. Apples contain a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, which are important for maintaining strong teeth.Apples and other crunchy foods, including vegetables, can act as nature’s toothbrush by helping to remove stains and brighten teeth. The tough texture of apples helps stimulate the gums, clean teeth, and fight bacteria. Yet, it is important to note that they certainly do not replace brushing and flossing! Chewing on an apple also increases the production of saliva. The more saliva, the better! Saliva helps wash away food particles and keep plaque from forming. In addition, apples are packed with fiber and a high water content, which helps to neutralize acids that destroy tooth enamel.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that apples do contain sugar and acid, which can erode teeth. To counteract this effect, brushing and rinsing your mouth afterward is essential in preventing erosion and other oral problems.

Indeed, a healthy diet does have an effect on dental health. Fruits containing Vitamin C can help promote a healthy smile. Individuals that lack vitamin C are at an increased risk of experiencing bleeding gums. Carrots, celery, and dark leafy vegetables also make good snacks because they are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

An apple a day can be great, but good oral habits must also be implemented. A balanced diet that includes grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy is essential in maintaining healthy teeth. Although a healthy diet can “keep the dentist away” with unnecessary oral health problems, it is still necessary to visit the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings!

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