Is my tap water fluoridated?

If your home uses a public drinking water supply, your children may or may not be getting a helpful amount of fluoride from tap water.  What we recommend to one patient may not apply to another, depending on where that patient lives.

As a community dentist, we see patients from a variety of towns and have researched which towns are supplementing the water supply with fluoride to bring it to a level (1.0 mg/L or 1 part per million) that will help prevent against childhood cavities.

The attached list is based on the most current information at the Centers for Disease Control. New information may be available at your local Water Resources Department.

We’ve listed most towns surrounding Wellesley, including Weston, Needham, Dover, Waltham, Newton, Dedham, Natick, and Wayland.

Town by Town Fluoridation List

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