Lasers… in dentistry?

Yes! Advances in technology are moving at an astounding pace, and changes in dentistry are providing exciting new improvements or even alternatives to traditional procedures. One recent development is that of the dental laser. This new tool can cut “the hardest tissue in the human body—enamel—without heat, vibration, or the risk of cross contamination” and may remove the need for anesthesia. Pain-free dentistry? It might not be that far away.

The laser is highly effective for both teeth and gums, promising to “cut, etch, and shape target tissue without contact, heat, vibration, or pressure.” This would essentially eliminate the need for a drill—and we have a feeling patients will not be complaining!

Wellesley Dental Group, at the forefront of advances in the dental field, is currently in the process of acquiring this laser technology, and will keep you updated on the progress and use of this new equipment. We can’t wait to see how it revolutionizes our service to you, and dentistry in general!


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