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There is no doubt that the quality of the toothpaste you use is important in maintaining optimal oral health.  The average price of toothpaste in the United States is around $2.41.  A luxury toothpaste called Theodent 300 promises to improve your teeth for a whopping $100 per tube of chocolate-flavored toothpaste.  So, what makes this toothpaste so special (and expensive)?

The reason for the hefty price tag has to do with a special ingredient.  Theodent 300 is a whitening toothpaste that is made of a substance called “rennou” instead of fluoride.  Rennou is a special compound that is a derivative of the cocoa plant.  Theodent claims that rennou is better than fluoride at repairing tooth enamel and even rebuilding any wear and tear on the enamel.  Instead of fluoride, this toothpaste contains theobromine, calcium, and phosphate as a substitute.  Furthermore, this substance is supposedly completely non-toxic and safe for kids if swallowed.

All of Theodent’s toothpastes have differing levels of rennou in it, but Theodent 300 has the highest level hence the highest price tag.  Theodent Classic, which costs $10 and has less of the special rennou ingredient, is a much cheaper alternative although still expensive compared to the average toothpaste.

The effectiveness of Theodent 300 is up for debate since all clinical trials conducted to test the product were funded by Theodent.  However, one reviewer named Molly Young says, “You do not need a clinical trial to observe two things: one, Theodent 300 doesn’t sting your lips like normal toothpaste does. Two, instead of oozing from a hole-shaped hole, Theodent 300 has a tiny squared-off nozzle, which is a surprisingly pleasant detail. You can apply a tidy ribbon of toothpaste to your brush and the dose naturally comes out smaller, which is considerate when it costs roughly $30 per ounce. The taste is mild; a hint of mint instead of an arctic blast. It makes your teeth feel like you just came back from the dentist.”

So, is it worth the money?  It’ll cost you $100 to find out!

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