Merry and Bright Teeth for the Holidays!

As the holidays approach, your dentist and teeth may not be high on your list of things to think about. But, it’s important to keep your oral health in mind so that you can enter 2019 with a healthy start! Take a look at these tips so that you can enjoy the holidays while keeping your teeth and gums healthy and bright:

1. Don’t forget your oral health routine

Be sure to keep up your routine of brushing at least twice a day for two minutes, rinsing, and flossing. If you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas, toothbrushes are a great option! Toothbrushes should be replaced once the bristles look worn or approximately every 3 to 4 months. When looking for toothpaste, make sure to buy toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Acceptance and fluoride to help prevent cavities. Also, if your due for your dental visit make sure to schedule!

2. Protect your teeth

It may be tempting to use your teeth for situations other than chewing and speaking. You may get the urge to bite your nails to relieve stress, or use your teeth to open packages or bottles, but avoid using your teeth as tools at all costs! Be sure to grab scissors or a bottle opener instead of your teeth. Poor habits can lead to jaw problems, facial pain, sensitive teeth, and can even lead to cracked or loss of teeth.

3. Stay hydrated

Keep water by your side during the holidays and avoid sodas, juices, and sports drinks as they contain high amounts of sugar and create acids that can weaken your tooth enamel. Water with fluoride in it can keep your teeth strong, which is particularly important as you may be indulging in sweet holiday treats! Drinking water can also help keep skin healthy and glowing, and help eliminate bad breath.

4. Avoid chewing hard candies or ice cubes

The sugar in hard candies is just one thing to worry about. Crunching on hard candy can cause chipped or cracked teeth. Also avoid chewing on ice cubes as they could cause chipped teeth or cold sensitivity. Instead, let the ice dissolve naturally and try to stay away from hard or sticky candies that can weaken your tooth enamel.


It may not be easy to stay away from sweets and goodies during the holiday, but try your best to keep your teeth a priority!

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