National Smile Month is Here!

Can you believe the month of June came this quickly? It’s already time to celebrate National Smile Month! A smile is a human’s most powerful gesture. Believe it or not, smiling plays a huge role in your overall health. Smiling lowers blood pressure and improves your immune system. Smiling  also makes you appear more attractive, younger, trustworthy, personable, and even successful.

It’s often difficult to frown when looking at someone who’s smiling, because it’s contagious! This is one explanation as to why many individuals often feel happier around children. On average, children smile 400 times a day. Smiling at someone cannot only help relieve their stress, but also boost your mood at the same time.

Smiling changes your brain chemistry. Smiling leads to a decrease in the stress-induced hormones that have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Every time you smile, endorphins and serotonin are released, which are natural pain relievers. British researchers discovered that one smile could produce the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate, without you having to incur any calories! Smiling has also been found to be similar to getting a good night’s rest.

National Smile Month is a great opportunity to remind your family and friends about the importance of a healthy smile. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 42% of children ages 2 to 11 have had dental caries in their primary teeth. Summer is the perfect season to focus on practicing good oral health habits that will ultimately improve you and your family’s overall health.

To keep your family’s smiles beautiful and healthy, remember to keep these essential oral hygiene habits in mind:

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss and rinse daily to eliminate hidden food particles
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Drink fluoridated water
  • Schedule regular dental visits

Smiling is the best free resource to improve your health, stress level, and lifespan!

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