Oral Evaluation Before Cancer Treatment

Did you know that cancer patients should visit their dentist for an oral evaluation one month before beginning treatment? By doing this, they are greatly reducing or even eliminating the development of conditions related to cancer treatment.

During the evaluation, the patient will be fully examined and any issues will be addressed. Any existing infections or tissue/tooth problems will be assessed and prophylaxis will be done if needed to optimize teeth for treatment. A supplemental fluoride regimen may be implemented depending on the patient.

It is vital for a patient’s dentist to be in communication with their oncologist from the start. This will make sure that the best possible care is being administered. The dentist will need the patient’s cancer diagnosis, medical history, and any other pertinent information.

While undergoing treatment, it is important for the patient’s oral health to be monitored closely. Soft tissues will be watched for swelling and infection as well as plaque levels. Dry mouth may occur and will be addressed as needed.

At Wellesley Dental Group, we are committed to providing optimum oral care. Cancer patients can feel at ease knowing that Dr. Ali will attend to their every need and fully answer any questions about their oral health.

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