Plasma Tools: the Future of Dentistry?

What if in the future there was a way to painlessly drill teeth or remove tissue in the mouth?  A new emerging field of therapeutic medicine shows promising developments in incorporating plasma tools in dental hygiene and oral surgery.Plasma Pencil

Plasma medicine is a relatively new and innovative field of clinical medicine that uses pressurized charged, active molecules and atoms and UV photons for therapeutic applications.  Physical plasma has been proven to effectively encourage tissue growth and regeneration without impacting surrounding healthy tissue layers.

A team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame has been studying the applications of plasma medicine.  Specifically, they looked at the different kinds of DNA damage that is caused by atmospheric pressure plasma exposure.  The results showed that plasma could be used for a wide range of applications including cancer therapy, dental care, hospital hygiene, skin diseases, anti fungal problems, and chronic wounds.

Another application of plasma in dentistry is its use in killing common oral pathogens.  Researchers at the Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modifications, Leipzig and dentists from the Saarland University, Homburg, Germany found that harnessing low-temperature plasma beams and directing them at oral pathogens led to a marked decrease in bacteria films formed on teeth surfaces.  In fact, firing these beams at the dentin (structure under the enamel coating of teeth) led to a 10,000-fold reduction of dental bacteria.

Dr. Stefan Rupf of Saarland University described the benefits of incorporating plasma in dentistry, “The low temperature means they can kill the microbes while preserving the tooth. The dental pulp at the centre of the tooth, underneath the dentin, is linked to the blood supply and nerves and heat damage to it must be avoided at all costs.”

The future of plasma medicine looks bright and promising in the field of dentistry.

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