Want To Prevent Cancer? Brush Your Teeth!

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Did you know that the simple act of brushing your teeth can help decrease your risk for bowel cancer?

You may think that your oral health only affects your mouth, but it’s also linked to your overall health. Why, you ask? The bacteria in your mouth that causes your gums to bleed can travel through the bloodstream to areas of the body, which could increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s. Having plaque on the surface of your teeth increases your risk for premature death as well.

One of the areas that bacteria can affect is the bowel. Since this specific type of bacteria, fusobacteria (a kind of bacteria that is very commonly found in patients with unhealthy guts), are anaerobic (without oxygen), the bowel is a suitable environment. Due to a protein they have, the fusobacteria can bond to sugar molecules polyps (benign growths) and cancer tumors. When they stick to the polyps, they enhance the growth of tumors.

In the bowel, the bacteria could exacerbate tumors by turning pre-cancerous cells into cancerous cells or enlarging tumorous cells. Therefore, the microbes could spark the development of cancer.

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