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Someone recently told me that in service industries, such as health care and personal care, there’s a theory that many people are satisfied with their experience if they go into a situation with low expectations, even if they were provided with little results. I don’t know where this theory came from or who originally discussed it, but I think it is an interesting one to evaluate.

“Low expectations + Low Results = Satisfaction”

A quote from Planned Marketing Associates that is displayed in our lab also makes me think about service quality.  It reads:

“It’s a funny thing about life, If you refuse to accept anything But the Best – You Very Often Get It.”

I can see how people could think they were satisfied with a variety of service providers, even if they knew the quality of service was poor.  This makes me a little sad.  It’s sometimes easier to go into a service with hesitation and low expectations, because we’ve been treated so poorly by so many different industries. It feels better to us to not expect much than to expect the best and be let down.

This theory might explain why so many businesses are still succesful even though everyone knows how bad the service is.  I am glad to work at a dental office where I know people are treated well and the results are better than expected – hoping that here at Wellesley Dental Group, patients can come in with “high expectations”, receive “high quality results”, and leave feeling “extremely satisfied.”

What do you think? Do you think you are satisfied, even when results or the outcome is not the best? Is it better to have low expectations?

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