Springtime Allergies Can Cause Dental Problems

6e6fad0297cbe4e5_177817502_copy.xxxlarge_2xNow that the month of May is here, we can start enjoying warmer weather and more time in the sun.  However, the spring time can be a headache for many as allergy season is also starting up.  Some common symptoms of seasonal allergies include itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing.  There are also a few lesser known symptoms of seasonal allergies pertaining to your teeth and mouth.

Tooth pain can be a result of allergies.  Elevated levels of pollen in the air result in sinus problems.  Some common symptoms of sinus problems include swollen/infected sinus cavities, congestion, sneezing, drainage, headache, and bad breath.  Additionally, because the maxillary sinus cavity rests above the top molars, its inflammation increases discomfort on facial nerves and tooth roots.  Typically, the pain caused by the sinuses will be especially noticed on the upper teeth.

Another consequence of springtime allergies is the buildup of excess mucus.  The body produces more mucus as a way to rid the body of allergens.  However, this mucus production can cause postnasal drip as the congestion begins to travel down the back of your throat.  Postnasal drip causes feelings of wanting to clear your throat and coughing that worsens during the nighttime.  Sometimes, the excess mucus can cause throat pain and general throat irritation.

Lastly, allergies can lead to dry mouth.  Proper saliva production is necessary to protect the insides of our mouths from cavity-causing bacteria and bad breath.  Furthermore, many common allergy medicines can cause side effects of dry mouth as well.  Therefor, It is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently.

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  • Roseen

    I never thought allergies can cause dental problems; Interesting!!! Now I’m thinking about my cavity issue; the pain actually started during the spring only. Wonder whether this is because of the allergy thing, I’m not sure. Following this I referred few more articles and they’ve added too have great info regarding the same. This share is useful and enlightened me on another aspect of dental health.

  • Rachel Griffith

    Very informative post whenever i come back to your blog i find really great information about dental care and precaution we need take to avoid the various oral problem as mentioned in this post oral problem can create lots of other health problem and make our body suffer so in order to avoid that situation we must take care of our oral health the way it mentioned in the post.

  • Cresta

    Yeah, spring time allergies can cause dental issues. Not only the dental issues, it may also cause other health issues. At this time we have to maintain good health.

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