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Staff getting healthy

This is the first Monday in our dental staff exercise and health program where each week we’ll track our combined hours of exercise and post our goals, tips, and success here!

We want to be the healthiest team of dental providers we can be, especially as we enter what looks to be a severe flu-season.  By exercising, eating well, and staying motivated together, we know we can certainly improve our health and hopefully inspire some of our patients and the community to join us.

We’ve named our challenge the “Wellesley Dental Group Fit Challenge” and we will be calling ourselves the “WDG Fit Team.”

As of now, we have 8 in-office participants, including all three doctors: Dr. Ejaz Ali, Dr. Femina Ali, and Dr. Nooruddin Pradhan. When we get handy with graphs and charts, we will certainly showcase our efforts. As the weeks go on, I’m sure our confidence levels will rise and we may even get some before-and-after shots in here.

Our official exercise tracking begins today, Monday, October 5 and will be posted every Monday with no end in sight.  Exercise tracking follows a Monday-Sunday week.  L

As a baseline, our staff exercised for a total of 16 hours, 5 minutes.  Not bad to start; it averages to about 2 hours per person.

Please follow along with us.  We welcome readers to post their exercise times here as comments, too.

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